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Marker Mod List

There are a couple things to Keep in mind when picking a mod for your marker:

  • A5, X7, 98, and Tiberius Mods are not interchangeable with any other marker. They will only be good for the marker they were designed for.
  • he Ion mod fits any marker with the Impulse thread pattern, ie. AGD Tac One, Angel, Indian Creek Designs, Invert Mini etc..
  • P8 Mod fits any marker with a smooth feed neck of the same 7/8″ diamiter, ie. VL, MR Spyders, Mini Mags, Auto Mags, Ariakons, T-68 etc..
  • Spyder mod kits fit only Spyders having two screws holding the feed neck on and that go OVER the feed neck tabs and NOT THRU the tabs.
  • The direct feed adapter fits 7/8 in feed necks that are smooth only.

A Complete List Of qloader Markers and their matching Mod Kits.

A5-  A5 Mod Kit
AGD ThreadedIon Mod Kit
AGD ULE -SP8 Mod Kit
Angel - Ion Mod Kit
Ariakon - SP8 Mod Kit + RIS upgrade
BT Series Markers - BT Series Mod Kit
Custom 98 Custom/Pro Mod Kit - Custom Pro Custom/Pro Mod Kit
EOS - NXT Mod Kit
Epiphany - Ion Mod Kit
Shocker - NXT Mod Kit
Ion - Ion Mod Kit
Ion XE - NXT Mod Kit
SP1 - SP1 Mod Kit
SP-8 - SP8 Mod Kit
MR-series - SP8 Mod Kit
VS-series - Ion Mod Kit
T-68 SP-8 – Mod Kit + RIS upgrade
E-Mag - SP8 – Mod Kit
Electra - Spyder Mod Kit
Rodeo - Spyder Mod Kit
Matrix series Standard System - Tiberius Mod Kit
Pilot - Spyder Mod Kit
Pheonix - Spyder Mod Kit
Imagine - Spyder Mod Kit
TLX - Spyder Mod Kit
Xtra - Spyder Mod Kit
Sonix - Spyder Mod Kit
Trilogy Standard System PCS US-5 - SP1 Mod Kit
Indian Creek Designs - Ion Mod Kit
X-7 - X-7 Mod Kit
Tippmann Project Salvo - Salvo Mod Kit